• Metaphysical Properties of Azurite

    Alternative Names: Lapis linguis, lapis lingua, chessylite
    Energy: Feminine / receptive
    Planet: Venus
    Element: Water
    Uses: Healing, divination, dreams, intuition, creativity, transformation
    Chakra: 6th / Ajna / Third Eye

    Azurite is a powerful stone with an ancient legacy. It was used by the priests and priestesses of the Egyptian mystery schools to elevate consciousness and facilitate contact with the goddess.

    As a blue stone, azurite is naturally associated with the 6th chakra, also known as the third eye. It can be used to open and stimulate this spiritual center, leading to increased intuition and clarity of thought. It is also known to bring about revelatory dreams when placed under a pillow or around a sleeping area.

    Azurite often acts as a catalyst of transformation and should used cautiously. It reveals previously obscured truths that can shock our being to its core. This ultimately leads to greater spiritual development, but it often includes a transition period that can be somewhat destabilizing while these new realizations are integrated and processed. It’s advisable to avoid any intense azurite usage if you know you will be under above average stress.

    The energy of azurite is cool and soothing. It spreads gently over the body and creates a pleasant feeling of “knowing-ness” and connection to the non-physical. It blurs the boundary between the dreamworld and waking reality. Azurite clears away mental fog and allows one to clearly perceive the illusion of the physical world. However, too much azurite energy can take this sensation too far, leading to disconnect from the physical world and spaciness.

    Azurite is excellent for spiritual growth because it allows us to more directly perceive the reality of higher realms and planes of existence. If life is beginning to feel too mundane, azurite can put you back in touch with the magical and spiritual aspects of yourself. It clears away the turbulence of everyday life so we can experience the infinite depth and mystery of existence.

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